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Mortgage Life Insurance

The BETTER way to Protect Your Family

There are so many kinds of life insurance these days. It’s hard to know which to buy, whether you qualify and where to get it for the best possible price. We can help.

Why not just take the bank Insurance?
The answer could save you thousands of dollars...

When you are approved for a mortgage, your lender will offer to sell you mortgage insurance. On the surface, it seems convenient – but there are good reasons to pump the brakes:

  • Our plans are more affordable than bank-issued policies
  • You can customize your plan to meet your needs
  • You control your costs
  • In the event of your passing, your family will receive payment from the policy, NOT your lender
  • You can keep your insurance even if you change homes, lenders or pay off your mortgage.

Unfortunately, many homeowners use mortgage loan insurance provided by their lenders. The problem is that these policies don’t protect your family – they protect the bank, at a high cost to you.

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Download the PDF to Learn more about the difference between personally owned life insurance and lenders mortgage insurance.